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Way too hard.

I'm giving this a lower score than I normally would, I mean the art is nice, but the lines are WAY too small, I have an optical mouse not a roller ball one, and it's just way too... I dunno... it doens't handle the way it should so sometimes it moves up when I slide it right before it slides right or such, and so I fail the level I managed to SOMEHOW get to level 5 but couldn't get any further, you really need to put in a 'level skip' option or increase the width to make it just a wee bit more doable.

Veinom responds:

Only got to lvl5? lol you suck big time!
I give you 4 :P

Good but could be better.

Also sucks cause I don't think I will ever be able to get my serpent swallow or megapede mutilation medals now... for I did them when not logged in and can't redo them after logging in...? agh, unless I do them on a dif computer I guess or something? I dunno... anyway... the second secret medal, I KNOW it has something to do with the EGGS, why would it show up in the pentagram if it wasn't...? but I just can't figure out what to do to make it go.

OzMafioso responds:

To get the medals, simply clear your flash cache. Just google "clear flash cache" and it should bring up the flash settings on the adobe website. clear the flash cache with the tool and you should then be able to get your medals. I can't give away the secret medals! But you may be able to pick up some info over @ highwitamic.com :) Thanks for playing!


Only I can't get past the graveyard, mainly because the ghost ALWAYS appears right before a big ass rock, and you have to jump backwards over the ghost but can't cause having to slide under the rock so it always catches me.

3D-xelu responds:

you don't have to jump over the ghost.. just stay at the middle of the screen

Monkey Game

I got 500,000 in the game... buuuuut... well yeah... the stupid guy didn't give me the pic and he said all you need is 100,000, so what the heck?

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