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I'm an aspiring VA with some decent equipment always looking for more work. Feel free to PM me if you have projects you'd like to have me in or have open auditions. I can only hope to some day be at the level of my peers who have professional careers now.

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ChadVA's News

Posted by ChadVA - July 6th, 2017

Thank you all the people that are my fans, even if like half of them are probably bot/inactive/troll accounts lol. Also I know some are friends just humoring me. Still, to think that I have people who believe in me and want to see more from me gives me a little bit of hope and the will to carry on. So thank you for that.

I'm always looking for reliable gigs (that is to say, like some VAs, please have something to show, either previous works under your belt or WIPs of the current project you're looking for VO work for) so if you have one or know someone who has one hit me up. I do a lot of my auditioning for stuff through places with decent gigs (VAA, VAC, etc) since the sorry state of the NG boards is, well, unfortunate.


Posted by ChadVA - June 28th, 2017

Hot damn. Well, I've graduated from university and have an MBA now, that explains my lack of activity here for awhile. Now I'm looking for work in my field as well as still looking for VO work. If you have a project (with a good amount of WIP to show) or are a well-established author with plenty under your belt, then I'd gladly love to audition.

Sadly I've been burned too many times to jump into 'newbie animators' or 'newbie projects' basically. I have had a firm stance on the sad state of affairs the VO forum on NG is. Where are the LF's, the Ross's, the etc looking for VOs? I mean I get people have their favourites but with so many having gone professional, surely they're under non-compete clauses and NDAs and etc that bar them from doing something like NG work, right? So there must be openings in those crews or rosters for members of those VO groups/cliques?

I guess I'd just love to get some feedback on auditions once in awhile that I do put out. (I mean I can assume that bigger names or more established VOs got the parts but I'd love to know what I did wrong, what I did right, what I could do better, etc.)

Posted by ChadVA - December 6th, 2016

So I am making one now. There's not much to report/news to tell. I had entered that Andromeda VA contest but as the winners were to be notified by Nov 29th it's clear I did not. Though I do hope they post publically who the winners are so that we can all see who to congratulate (and maybe envy a little lol).

Speaking of envy, it's hard to not continually get down on oneself when you see people you know/knew whose careers are going through the roof and they're now in triple A video game titles, anime dubs, and more. Meanwhile there's very few if any worthwhile project left online in terms of cartoons/animations that don't already know exactly who they're going to use/go to/ask for VO work from.

The only thing I can say is that I have had a gig or two in an upcoming game, which is great. Still keeping my faith/hope and fingers crossed that my big break will come some day sooner than later.

Posted by ChadVA - May 16th, 2016

Have my BBA now, will be going for my MBA in the fall. This year has been rocky for me thus far and it seems like it's only going to get worse... I'm starting to wonder if it's not time for me to pack it in and give up on things. Of course it could be just S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder, or Seasonal Depression in Layman's terms). Still, it's hard not to be down on oneself. I don't even know if I'll be attending the convention I usually go to every year where I get to see great people like Mac and Ben.

Anywho... guess I might as well post the usual that I am always looking for VA work with reliable directors/animators/etc so if you have auditions open then shoot me a PM.

Posted by ChadVA - January 12th, 2016

Hopefully this is the year I can get things to take off for me. Have a few auditions that I'll be doing in the next week to meet upcoming deadlines and even if I don't get any parts, I'm hoping to get some real constructive feedback (because all the other auditions I did last year didn't do so despite my politely asking if it was possible.)

Other than that year's gotten off to a little bit of a rough start. Lost a couple great friends recently so mourning their loss eventhough they wouldn't want people mourning and would want them remembering the good times, which I am doing, too.

As usual, always looking for VA work so drop me a line if you're looking for someone.

Posted by ChadVA - November 18th, 2015

Winter is fast approaching and things tend to just spiral down into chaos and fall apart.

Frankly it's hard to find reasons to get up in the morning and continue on especially at this time of year. I try to strive to not give up, though. I'm been a fighter/survivor my whole life and I'm going to keep trying, even if I know failure is the most likely outcome.

Posted by ChadVA - July 20th, 2015

So I've been working very closely with the director Kel-Chan (and they really are a really good director. If you aren't familiar with their works, go check'em out. Hell my three most recent works are all hers.)

Down the pipeline there is an episode each for two new series that I am doing voices for for her. As well as one new series and one one-shot (I think it's a one-shot, might be a series?) that's also in the works. I am looking really forward to them coming out and you guys being able to enjoy it.

Always looking for more VA work though, so, if you know anyone looking and they're a quality director/animator/etc then hit me up.

Posted by ChadVA - July 3rd, 2015

I've had some new projects I've done and have done work for upcoming projects. Just looking to keep the momentum going. Always looking to my peers for advice and criticisms that will help me become the best VA I can be and even if I don't end up doing it as a professional career I will continue to like to do things in my free time. Though most professional VAs do have other jobs so they can pay the bills. XD

Posted by ChadVA - April 29th, 2015

University is almost done for the Summer and I've got some upcoming projects for VA stuff. I hope people will be pleased with them. I'm hoping to just keep getting out there and getting more work and things done and continuing to enjoy it.

Either way, it's good to be doing stuff. Hope you all enjoy your summer!

Posted by ChadVA - March 2nd, 2015

So I have had some decent luck as of late. I recently did VA for the new episode of Arc Infinitum which you can see here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/654141

It's really good to be back, honestly. Though the role is small it's still just a good feeling to be able to do something. Thank you again, Kel-chan for the wonderful opportunity and would love to work with you again in the future!

This semester of University has been pretty heavy thus far. March Break is coming up though so there is that to look forward to and being able to catch up more on things. ^^