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I'm an aspiring VA with some decent equipment always looking for more work. Feel free to PM me if you have projects you'd like to have me in or have open auditions. I can only hope to some day be at the level of my peers who have professional careers now.

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ChadVA's News

Posted by ChadVA - January 16th, 2015

Guess I should make a post. First semester went well. Had over an 80 average. Had 100% in two classes. Hoping I can go that second semester too but this winter break has not been kind to me and I'm no where near caught up on things. (Stil 1 year behind on webcomics, NG Toons, etc.) I'll catch up eventually little by little since my new schedule gives me one day completely off with no classes whatsoever.

I still will always make time to do VA work if I ever get any though. I bought all new equipment and haven't even broken it in yet. Really looking forward to get a chance to use it.

Posted by ChadVA - September 13th, 2014

I am stupidly busy with schoolwork and projects and such to try to do a proper demo reel (although I've been told by 50% of people that don't bother with a demo reel until you're already established and have works to pull from in order to make one as that's how it happened for some of the 'NG Greats', and the other 50% that you can't get anywhere without one even on NG...)

Nevertheless I'd still make time to do actual VA work for projects if anyone's interested.

Um... that is all. Not really much else to say.

Posted by ChadVA - August 3rd, 2014

Still looking to do some VA work since getting my new (and expensive) recording equpiment and programs...

I wouldn't say I'm picky but I do sort of want to work with reputable people who have at least a couple projects under their belt so I know there is less chance of things 'falling through' as they have in the past (and even WITH reputable projects things still have a tendency to fall through sometimes).

That and it would help get my name out there more too so that I could actually start to build a reputation and get to the level of everyone else I know. I mean even if I'm going to University to get an MBA and eventually be in a position of making a ridiculous sum of money each year... (which I guess I could then build/hire a studio to do whatever that I could then do stuff for or pull a Tyrese Gibson and just pay a studio a large sum of money to give me a leading role in something that can slingshot my career further. As I still would love to do VA as a career even if it is as a side career to what will be my career which will actually pay my bills.

Anyway I know I've had a rough past but I've done a lot to improve myself and fix everything I can and I just hope things can go smoother in the future. I mean I know there's projects out there happening all the time that are big and I mean those really big (and perhaps a little overused, I don't mean that in offense anyway I mean they're very good VAs what I mean is) have to be too busy to do ALL these projects at once, right? That there's gotta be room and openings for other, newer (or perhaps not so new but just not as prevalent or well-known as the big ones) VAs to get a chance to do some decent things?

Posted by ChadVA - July 22nd, 2014

It's been quite uneventful. Went and saw three movies at the theater back to back, by myself. Yay happy birthday to me? lol...


As much as I could use money, or even other things. All I really want is some more VA work (even if unpaid). x.x.... I feel so stagnant as it's been so long since I've last done anything.

Posted by ChadVA - May 27th, 2014

So I recently went to Anime North and met Deven and Ben and they're really great guys and they ran a good number of panels that were informative and fun. The whole event was amazing and they ran some really awesome panels. It ended up being a lot hotter this year than most people expected especially after the really cool windy first day. I ended up getting a sunburn since I hadn't brought sunscreen and I had just enough money for meals this year as money was a bit tight. Still I had great fun and look forward to next year.

In just a little over a month I will also be attending AnimeExpo although it's more of a business trip than a leisure trip. I'll be utilizing some of my contacts to try to swing a few auditions while I'm down there. I'll still have fun and all that but money's been tight lately and this trip is basically my birthday present and even if I fail well then at least I tried, you know? That and there is the open auditions at AX as well.

I recently did some narration work for a kickstarter video though I can't really say anything about the project or what it is until the project is actually UP but then I will likely make a post to link/advertise that then. I'm also working with one director for some potential future projects.

That doesn't mean I wouldn't love to get some more work with people. (Though again I will say, as has been told to me by the director I'm working with now, and other VAs, that it is important to determine the reliability of a project.) <-- What that essentially means is... if you are going to approach me for voice work I'd be more than appreciative but if you do have have established/published previous projects then please be prepared to show me a good deal of the project being finished so I can know it's not going to fall through. (Unless you're paying me and do so upfront.) It is just that I have been burned on projects before where I did the voice work and then nothing happened and the project was cancelled or never completed. I'm not going to name names or even projects but one was a really big thing when it's first ep and little spin-off video were out and I did VA work for what was to be a second episode which never happened. That was an established animator, too. So I suppose sometimes it's hard to tell if you'll be burned or not and I'm all for taking a chance on people I mean people have taken chances on me and I appreciate that.

TL;DR basically I'd love to work I just don't want to get burned again, that's all. Anyway thank you for reading.

Posted by ChadVA - October 29th, 2013

Alright so recently I did voice work for http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/626809 for the thugs/bullies. It feels good to be able to get back into the swing of things and hopefully on the right track.

However life always has a way of throwing wrenches into things, doesn't it? Recently my father has become severely ill and may possibly be dying. Needless to say, this has caused a lot of tension/stress/etc. at home and the family is trying to deal with it and hoping that he will get better.

I'm still learning new techniques/etc. and hopefully once things settle down here (and also after midterm exams, or are they even midterm? I don't know just plenty of more tests in my courses in college.) then I will be able to finally make a proper demo reel. (I will also look at other's to see how they did it so that I can get a proper sense of what one is supposed to be.)

Anyway despite everything I am continuing to remain positive and optimistic about things. So I do hope things continue on the proper path. Still willing to do voice work for things too if you're in need of anyone. I can promise to be hard working and work with you to get the best outcome/takes possible.

Posted by ChadVA - October 9th, 2013

Currently I am working at improving. As well as bettering myself as a person. Letting go of grudges of the past. Things of that nature. It's cold and flu season so I've been under the weather the last two weeks hence why despite having bought a new mic I have yet to make a demo reel.

Basically the quick point of this message is simple, yes I had a bad past, if I'm letting go of my grudges, then people need to let go of the past about me because I'm working to change and be a good person.

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