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Glad to have been a part of this, Kel-chan! Keep up the great work and thanks for having faith in me as a VA! ^^ I hope to keep improving while working with ya.

Very deep and moving but wait... did the guy's son DIE? I sort of don't get when he comes home and the wife's cleaning up the toys and all... what happened? o.o

NCH responds:

no, its just a scene to establish that the dad is comming back very late home and never had a chance to see his kid. the kid was already in bed sleeping everytime the dad comes home.

anyway, it may partly be my fault for omitting out a scene where he looks at his sleeping son(it was planned) for time constrains.

Wow Zarla this... was kind of beautiful... I know it's older (I'm just FINALLY trying to get caught up on bloody things because University has had me busy and all) I actually almost got moved to tears by this... it's one of my biggest fears because as much as I'd LOVE a zombie apocalypse to happen in real life and as much as I think I'd be able to survive, it's not something you can really do or really should do alone... but then if you make a group of friends as the character in the video did... you fear something happening to them, losing them, winding up alone. Even if you were used to being alone before once you've been not alone if you become alone again you can't be used to it.

I would have given it 5 stars just for using that song. XD Still the animation was actually quite nice and loved the use of the dif charas hehehe, good work. ^^

RetroSleep responds:

Thank you

Nice, good luck with everything, Nalem.

Words cannot begin to describe just how this animation made me feel... the animation style was beautiful, the voice acting was sublime. Even the lighting and sound effects. But the story... that's where the heart was... I just... wow. I hope that one day when I'm old and dying that I'll be able to jump back to some happy point in my life. (If there ever was one by then cause heck can't really remember any at this time and hoping there'll be some to come) But yeah... like others I almost cried because of this... very good work.

Damn... had potential too.

Started to play, always liked your stuff, but then got about 10 seconds in and the like first voice that came on, bleh, you sold out... so I stopped it, cause I won't sit through anything having to hear that douche-wad, next time try using some dif talent, someone with talent, and it may be worth sitting through.


Decent animation... also that credits music... I recognize that from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows... just being done by heavy... XD


The animation was subpar compared to other things... the voice acting was wretched and awful... the sound bites were way off-kilter... just not up to snuff with usual standards of things done in the past.

Too short, doesn't make much sense.

Talking pants, really?

Okay actual critique, can't believe this got frontpage, pretty much just a character standing there, with animated mouth for the majority of it. Might as well have just been a picture. Time to waist? More like waste of time.

I'm an aspiring VA with some decent equipment always looking for more work. Feel free to PM me if you have projects you'd like to have me in or have open auditions. I can only hope to some day be at the level of my peers who have professional careers now.

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